r e l e a s e s a b o u t t w i t t e r
Virtua City Towers EP V ▲ P Y D 10/25/2019
  1. Sage Advice
  2. (She Sees) Neonlights
  3. Les Voyageur
  4. n-dimensional Hypervelvet™
  5. Mango Tango Mk.II
She usually didn't behave like this. Giving strange foreigners at the mall her number and all that. But something had changed. She recently had felt drawn to places and situations that she usually used to avoid. It all had started after that weird wizard-guy at the music festival had given her that armband. It was some sort of purple velvet, bound in a skillful knot around her left wrist. She hadn't yet thought of removing it. That is, she didn't see the point. What a silly superstition, that a simple wristband could have any influence on her psyche. Plus, it was a cool material. Soft to the touch, yet somehow course at the same time. It felt funny against the skin. And it didn't stain or get wet. And it was coincidentally her favourite colour. She liked it. Not just the wristband, this newfound confidence and lust for adventure, even thought the two things clearly had nothing to do with each other.
All her life, she had been reserved and cautious. But now she wanted to take the long way home, see what's beyond that fork in the road or down that alleyway. Not that adventure lurked behind every corner, mostly it was just more corners and alleyways. But it was different. What had she been afraid of? Why all those inhibitions?
Tonight would not be a night like any other. Why should it be? A night out on the town with some new friends. Tonight we drink. Tonight we dance. Tonight we live!

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