r e l e a s e s a b o u t t w i t t e r
6 shots of tequila plexidotorg 05/14/2019
  1. Something looms
  2. Theme to heart court
  3. What’s left of drugs
  4. Thankless roads
  5. Honey, why are we here
  6. Friends with things
  7. Fall
  8. Hot stuff
  9. In case of fire
  10. My dear
The closest gas station is tens of miles away. You haven't seen another soul on the road for hours, yet the overwhelming presence of life floods every sense, artificial as it may be. The speakers of your 1976 Pontiac Parisienne crackle on, as they have done for miles, filling the cold February evening with beloved alternative rock classics. However, a sound begins to purr in the background, a new signal interfering with the old, a new channel birthed solely from having its audience: you. Rather than changing the channel, you listen in, curious, and allow the music to start...