r e l e a s e s a b o u t t w i t t e r
real time image感覚 09/27/2019
  1. no fight
  2. strong in town
  3. change your life
  4. slow
  5. alien dream
  6. santo ken
  7. french communication
  8. too far
  9. midnight
  10. the real knowledge
  11. computer
  12. the light
  13. the silence
  14. century
  15. mist
  16. tropical
  17. life
  18. inside the game
  19. McCafe
  20. maze
  21. panromantic
  22. fantasia
  23. pretzels wildfur
  24. garden of eden
  25. see you soon!
Many subgenres in vaporwave get less love than they deserve, and that can be said about Broken Transmission. That's why f u l l w i d t h welcomes image感覚's work as their fourth entry.
TV chops, noisy recordings, a feeling of comfort in the surface but an sense of disingenuouty deep down. You consume media, and media consumes you. An ouroboros between brain and machine.