r e l e a s e s a b o u t t w i t t e r
prism/JUST LIKE WATERFRONT DINING Georgi1802 10/04/2019
  1. city night light
  2. cruel love
  3. lost in your eyes
  4. party for two
  5. set me free
  6. waterfront dining - care (georgi1802 remix)
  7. waterfront dining - glamour (georgi1802 remix)
  8. waterfront dining - hotel shampoo (georgi1802 remix)
  9. waterfront dining - miami wicked (georgi1802 remix)
Although we have a serious presentation and look we still have a sense of humor, as this new release shows. Georgi1802 gives us their interpretation of the "waterfront dining" style of vaporwave curation on this new album, with a bit of satire thrown in.
Some slow jams in the classic style, r&b-ey loops and even some remixes of a few waterfront dining songs. Perfect music to accompany a nice glass of white wine by the terrace and share some anecdotes with the other party-goers.
Originaly self-released on April 6th, 2019