r e l e a s e s a b o u t t w i t t e r
Millenarium 2.0 Dr. Fuji 11/29/2019
  1. A Nut In The Jungle
  2. Industry of Dreams
  3. A Little Piece of Space
  4. City of Lights
Routine Daily Checkups, Monitored Machine-driven Tests, Controlled Field Experimentation... All this is promised to you when you contact Dr. Fuji. Neuroscientist, Biologist and Chemist, a prodigy on the field of custom-made medicine. As a sponsor of this release, we were offered a small package of trial products of their latest batch of "Medicinal Music", a revolutionary invention of theirs that promises the healing of any ache,pain or illness with a single listen. For more information visit: [REDACTED BY DIRECT FBI ORDERS]

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