r e l e a s e s a b o u t t w i t t e r
Heat Signature Vylter 07/30/2021
  1. Heat Signature
  2. Jewel Nodstram
  3. The Matriarch, The Centurion
  4. Superorganism

Slushwave 2020/21 inspirations mixed with harmonic love notes to the music of Curved Light, Petridisch and mynameisblueskye, almost released under another alias before I reclaimed it as a Vylter album. Ideal for meditation, lucid dreaming and spacing out. A hybrid strain for the bake of summer. Cover art created with Zoroarkfilms

1. Heat Signature: The dew of morning meets the glow of the July sun by 5 AM, as a slow, sinewy change of air summons our hunger within. By the final moment of the dawn, pure morning, our warmest star commands us to greet the day with a song by Chopin.
2. Jewel Nodstram: A team of pianists were asked to listen to and then interpret, from memory, a recorded piece of music that is twenty seconds in length. A string ensemble was then asked to do the same. This is the resulting narrative.
3. The Matriarch, The Centurion: Imagine hunting for food after the heat of battle. Your mother worries but is proud of you. Be careful, warmest waves.
4. Superorganism: The relief of the ocean, though bitter with salty carnage, carries us through another blistering afternoon as we await the bliss that is the arrival of the evening fog, filtering out all but a few glorious and muted colours above our heads. The days are still long.


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