r e l e a s e s a b o u t t w i t t e r
Christmas Compilation Various Artists 12/25/2020
  1. girl.mask@yahoo.jp - wonderful life
  2. soft93fm - t r e e s f l o a t i n g d o w n s t r e a m
  3. larsht_ - 2009 christmas
  4. common alex - 2d
  5. S.a.x - Request
  6. ブラジル404 - the world's darkest christmas
  7. メトロイヤー - 働くクリスマスの日
  8. Strawberry 3000 - someone special
  9. common alex - palm tree island
  10. super nintendo - 年末に向けて
  11. VAV-31 - Fireside
  12. common alex - 20 mins on hold
  13. Rodan Rodan SpeedWagon - Dreaming Of A Zoom C H R I S T M A S
  14. TH Speedball - Santa Claus (Ho Ho Hoin')
We head towards the end of this disheartening year, where every issue of the world was exposed to us tenfold and we were separated from others due to a poorly managed pandemic. But we used these trying times to create other bridges with people around us, to be more charitable, to put our foot down and fight for a better world to come by the end of the year. This album is not so much praxis, but a "thank you" for everything you have done this 360+ past days.

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