r e l e a s e s a b o u t t w i t t e r
atmosphere super nintendo & larsht_ 10/29/2021
  1. super nintendo - tv trash
  2. super nintendo - fantasy
  3. super nintendo - news
  4. super nintendo - robutt
  5. super nintendo - near future
  6. super nintendo - violence
  7. super nintendo - atmosphere
  8. larsht_ - futuristic thoughts
  9. larsht_ - past tense regret
  10. larsht_ - i feel so alone inside my head sometimes
  11. larsht_ - daily awakening interlude
  12. larsht_ - daily game over
  13. larsht_ - leaving
  14. larsht_ - on an unrelated note
We are pleased to announced our first split album in our catalogue, and it's by none other than our alumni 'super nintendo', author of 週末アドベンチャー ep and パステルハイビスカス ; and 'larsht_' who released abandoned sears ep under the alias 'Car Sofa' and participated multiple times in the charity compilations.


larsht_: Twitter https://twitter.com/larsht_
Bandcamp: https://larsht.bandcamp.com/

super nintendo: Twitter https://twitter.com/supernintendovw
Bandcamp: https://super-nintendo.bandcamp.com/

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