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aphrodite commonalex_ 12/20/2019
  1. aphrodite
  2. lots of them
  3. between the bedsheets
  4. dangerous
  5. that girl on the tv
  6. modeling
  7. i wish this was forever
  8. thanks
They really caught my eye by mistake. Couldn’t even make out what was really happening because of the slow daybreak; when I finished parking she was already laid down on the parking lot and this old fuck with his black-as-a-crow dyed hair and this filthy white shirt was stomping her sides. I shout till I get noticed by this dusty boned ass and his halloweeny mustache he rocks in this late September. I sprint (well, supposedly, my lungs aren’t as light as they used to) and he flinches as if he shat his pants towards a old green Citroen bumped to pieces. I swear he was this close getting his ass beat.
-You shouldn’t have done that.
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