r e l e a s e s a b o u t t w i t t e r

What is f u l l w i d t h?

f u l l w i d t h is a Digital-Only Web-Based Vaporwave & Internet Music Netlabel created in an effort to bring back the old-school flavor to vaporwave music curation and promotion. No Physicals, No Drama. Just MEGA links, donation links and a focus on narratives, aesthetics and concepts that made each vaporwave release a journey worth being listened to.

Why can't I download the albums on Bandcamp?

Free Bandcamp accounts don't allow setting individuals Paypal accounts per release and we wanted to avoid hoarding a money that wasn't ours. This comes with a sacrifice in comodity and features, but we prefered being honest about artist income and cut the middle man.

If i release on f u l l w i d t h, can i still host my album on Bandcamp/Soundcloud?

Yes, you can. The more (mirrors) the merrier. However we will ask to disable downloads for a period of time or, alternatively, set the album to a fixed price to focus the traffic on the website version of the album. After that period of time, you can re-enable free downloads if you so desire.

What if i don't want donations/don't have a bank account?

In that case, we can disable donation buttons or, if asked, redirected the donation links towards whatever the artist desires.

How can i be part of f u l l w i d t h?

You can submit your work at fullwidth.music@gmail.com
If we consider your work to fit the objective of f u l l w i d t h we will ask for a paypal donation button (multiple tutorials on how to make them can be found online) so it can be linked to your release and you can receive donations and your work will be hosted on our mega folder and linked in their own album page in the f u l l w i d t h website.